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Store: 2276 Grange Hall Rd., Beavercreek, OH.
on 5/14/17
I have used Jamie's Tire in Beavercreek for years. I recently purchased tires for my son's car from Jamie's. At the time of purchase I was told that we could bring them in for any concern. I specifically brought up a puncture in the tire. I was told that they would plug the tire at no cost.
Yesterday we noticed a nail in the tire and a slow leak. We dropped the car off at Jamie's. They did a good job and got it done sooner than we thought. BUT..... They charged us $26 + tax. I asked about what I had been told, and they said that the only way it is covered is if we would have purchased the "road hazzard" coverage. I was told about the road hazzard coverage but turned it down, but I wasn't told that I had to get that in order to cover tire plugs.
I still support Jamie's Tire, and will use them. I just wish I would have been told the truth up front.